Clint Buchanan
Portrayed by: Jerry verDorn (2005-2012, 2013-present; pictured above)
Clint Ritchie (1979-1998, 1999, 2003, 2004)


The first of the Buchanan brood to permeate Llanview, Llanview met Texan journalist Clint Buchanan in the autumn of 1979. A resilient mix of old school cowboy magnetism, command, pride—balanced with a contemporary and urbane raison d'être and intelligence…Clint is the embodiment of a “man’s man.” With his keen wit and foresight ever present, Clint looks for—{and/or demands}—sound explanations to whatever quandaries come his way and tends to be nobody’s fool. He has five children: Cord Roberts (from a teenaged affair with Maria Vasquez Roberts), Rex Balsom (from an affair with Echo DiSavoy), daughters Jessica and Natalie Buchanan (from his marriage to Victoria Lord)…as well as sons Kevin Buchanan and Joey Buchanan (Victoria’s children from a previous marriage, whom he adopted.)


Born in Texas, Clint Buchanan is the eldest child of the late Asa and Olympia Buchanan. As a youth, he and his younger brother Bo were both told by Asa that Olympia had died, when in fact Asa had had her forcibly confined to a mental institution against her will. Unlike Bo, who begrudgingly put up with Asa’s overbearing and tyrannical ways, Clint tended to have little patience for his fathers meddling in his life. Things came to a head between the two after Asa discovered that a teenaged Clint had been having an affair with Maria Vasquez, the teenaged daughter of their Mexican maid. Disapproving of the interracial relationship, Asa banished the Vasquez’s from the Buchanan home and out of Clint’s life forever. Infuriated at Asa’s interference in his personal life, Clint left home at the age of sixteen and for years remained estranged from his father. Striking out on his own, Clint later became a journalist.

When publishing guru Joe Riley realized that he was dying from an inoperable brain tumor, and had precious little time left, he proceeded to put his house in order. High on his “to-do” list was selection of someone to take his place as editor-in-chief at The Banner, the newspaper founded by the late father-in-law Victor Lord, where he had built an impressive career at. He selected Clint Buchanan—{originally played by Clint Ritchie}—a prize winning editor who ran a small, yet prestigious, newspaper in Arizona.

To welcome him aboard, Joe took Clint out drinking one evening. When, after a heavily regimen of boozing, Clint ushered a drunken Joe home, both men were confronted by Joe’s pregnant wife, Viki. With Joe having a history of alcoholism, Viki was angered by the sight and immediately blamed Clint [whom she had not previously met] for being the one to have gotten her husband inebriated.

Following Joe’s passing a few weeks later, Clint settled into Llanview and his duties at The Banner. His pleasant new life, however, was very quickly turned topsy turvy by a visit from his oil tycoon father, Asa Buchanan, and younger brother, Bo. Clint could never reconcile Asa’s overbearing ways, which had led to their estranged relationship. Asa, though, wanted to make amends with his son and rope him back into the family fold. When Clint informed him that he had no intention of returning to Texas, Asa relocated to Llanview himself, and even went so far as to uproot his business operations to the east coast town. As Clint defensively allowed Asa to warm his way back into his life, in the meantime he became romantically involved Patricia Ashley

Maggie Ashley (Pat’s look-a-like sister) had come to town, envious of the life Pat led and hell-bent on taking it over. Clint was part of that life, but he grew suspicious of the lady, who’d go so far as to make herself over to look like the spitting image of her sister, while keeping Pat held captive. Figuring out Maggie’s schemes, Clint steadfastly converged to Pat’s home to investigate, but Maggie had gotten there first, intent on killing her sister. When the smoke cleared, it was Maggie who wound up dead, killed by Pat in self defense. Although grateful that Pat survived, this jolt was too much and the relationship fizzled away. Dorian Cramer Lord, Viki’s enemy and part owner of The Banner, meanwhile took an interest in Clint. The two dated briefly, but Dorian was more invested in the relationship than he was. Clint (who by now had developed more than a professional interest in Viki), meanwhile, became fed up with Dorian’s shenanigans and ended their affair. With Dorian out from under his shadow, Clint began to pursue Viki.

Clint discovered that the road to Viki’s heart wouldn’t be an easy journey, as she was reluctant to become involved after Joe’s death. In amongst her hesitation where Clint was concerned, Viki found herself victimized by two Ted Claytons; one, a mere conman, only pretending to be Ted…the other, the real Ted, who proved himself to be far worse than his impersonator. Aware of Ted, Clint kept a diligent eye out when he attempted to woo Viki for her money. Though Ted was able to charm her into dating, he could see that she was conflicted by her growing feelings for Clint. To gain control of the situation, Ted drugged Viki, then proceeded to use her vulnerable state to instill in her mind a sense of fear and indecision about Clint in an effort to keep the potential lovers apart. Clint, upon having caught on to Ted’s evil doings, attempted to save Viki—but Ted poisoned him as well. Upon Clint recovering, he proved his love by rescuing Viki from Ted after he became unhinged and more nefarious in his pursuits.

When Ted was later killed, Clint seemed to be close to his desire. The chaotic ordeal, though, left a reeling Viki feeling that she wasn’t ready for a commitment. In frustration, Clint resigned from The Banner and went to work for its rival, The Chronicle. He, meanwhile, found himself the object of infatuation by Edwina Lewis, whom he casually dated in a futile attempt to take his mind off of Viki.

In spite of their now being competitors who were in the midst of a sensational publication war, Clint and Viki began to bond once more, as she allowed herself to let down her previous guard with him. When Viki later found herself arrested because of her refusal to reveal her source in the Jenny Vernon/Katrina Karr baby switch story, Clint was there with his support. When she went to jail to protect her source, he often visited her, and in the meantime worked feverishly to come up with ways to spring her. It was while Viki was behind bars that Clint would ask her to marry him. At last, she said yes.

Upon Viki’s release, Clint assisted her in having Dorian removed from Llanfair—the Lord family mansion—where Viki decided she wanted to live after the two wed. In November, Viki and Clint were married in the library of Llanfair. In spite of an attempt on the groom’s life, they were able to get away for a blissful honeymoon at Clint’s ranch in Arizona. Upon settling into their new life together, Viki gave Clint her blessing in his request to adopt her two young sons, Kevin and Joey Riley.

Viki and Clint found themselves the target of the unholy alliance of Asa and Dorian, when Asa decided to take control of The Chronicle while Dorian hoped to take over The Banner. Viki and Clint proved up to outwitting such wily competitors; and they found themselves again working together at The Banner. When the beautiful young photographer, Echo di Savoy, arrived in Llanview, Clint found that she looked familiar, he couldn’t really place her. Impressed by her work, nonetheless, she was hired by The Banner. With seduction on her mind, Echo underhanded pursued Clint, and was finally able to close in for the kill when the two found themselves trapped together while covering the story of flooding on the mountain. Unable to resist her tempting, Clint and Echo proceeded to make love. Ashamed of his infidelity, Clint returned home to try to get his head back together. Echo, though, had other plans.

Echo let Viki know about her night with Clint in the cabin, making Viki believe that the one night stand was an ongoing affair. Clint was extremely upset at having hurt Viki and offered to let her divorce him. Although angered and distressed by his unfaithfulness, Viki decided to forgive his impropriety.

Later, when Dorian saw Clint and Echo arguing while standing on a bridge, followed by Echo falling into the water, she was convinced that Clint had pushed the woman to her death and alerted the authorities. Viki stood by Clint, who was brought up on murder charges, refusing to believe that he was capable of such action. Sure that Echo was alive, Viki (with the help of Marco Dane) searched for and found her, but when they did, discovered she was suffering from amnesia. They brought her to Llanview in hopes of jogging her memory and proving that Clint was not guilty of any criminal wrongdoing. Echo’s memory returned at Clint’s trial, where she confessed that she and her brother Giles had staged her death, in a previously plotted attempt to destroy Clint, whom they were reared to believe was responsible for their mother’s death. In reality their father was the culprit.

As owners of the floundering Lord/Manning Plant, Clint and Viki became the object of abhor for the blue-collar O’Neill family. The O’Neill’s worked at the site, which was not turning enough of a profit and was in danger of shutting down. Clint and Bo later teamed up to rescue Viki and Didi O’Neill when they were kidnapped by Mark Pemberton, financial counselor for the struggling power plant, who had been discovered as the one draining its funds.

Clint became frustrated when Viki turned more and more to planning the 50th anniversary celebration for The Banner, excluding all else. In addition to that, he was annoyed at the chaos which had been brought to the house by the return of Tina Clayton, Viki’s goddaughter, who soon discovered that her biological father was Victor Lord—making she and Viki sisters. The news hit Viki hard, as she painfully recalled long repressed memories of once witnessing her father in bed with Tina’s mother…a teenaged Irene Clayton, who was her childhood friend. When Viki started disappearing without explanation, Clint feared the worse. When it was discovered that Viki was suffering the manifestations of her Multiple Personality Disorder, and was now under the control of her alter ego “Niki Smith,” Clint didn’t fully understand—but was relieved to at least know what he was up against…or so he thought. Unbeknownst to Clint, Niki Smith began carrying on an affair with Harry O’Neill. Wanting to shake Clint, Niki often pretended to Viki and treated him callously in an attempt to end their marriage. Clint got used to Niki, learned to tell she and Viki apart, and (despite Niki’s mischief) refused to budge. In the meantime, he was fully supportive as Viki, who occasionally reemerged, started therapy.

Clint was horrified when he later found Viki, or rather Niki, at the scene of Harry O’Neill’s murder. Wanting to believe that the accused-Tina was the culprit, he did not encourage Viki in her desire to risk her sanity in trying to learn what really happened. His worse fear manifested when Viki insisted upon testifying on behalf of Tina at the trial. On the witness stand, and under attorney Pete O’Neill’s relentless hammering, Viki morphed into Niki and named the reprehensible Mitch Laurence as the one who pulled the trigger. This time Niki did not retreat. Viki was so devastated at the revelations that she made that she retreated deeply into her own mind and would not work her way out for months.

Clint made the painful decision to have his wife committed to the Mountainview clinic in hopes that intensive therapy would bring her to the fore. When it was apparent that therapy was not working, Clint brought Niki back to Llanfair in hopes that familiar surroundings would lure his wife out. Niki felt so confined by Clint’s hovering that she broke away for a night on the town. When Clint followed her, she drove recklessly away and ended up in an accident. While Clint kept vigil over his wife, Niki heard that if Viki remained buried, she would be again institutionalized. Fearing confinement, Niki again passed herself off as Viki.

Clint make special plans to welcome his lady home, but was disappointed to find her unresponsive. For months he found himself held at a distance, but he still fought to keep his life together. When “Viki” made the decision to sell The Banner, it tipped Clint off to Niki’s charade. In the meantime, he was able to get Asa to buy the newspaper to keep it from going out of the family. Unfortunately, he was unable to prove to the court that Niki was in control of Viki’s psyche in time to stop her from divorcing him…at Tina’s insistence!

With Viki/Niki back at a sanitarium, Clint found himself being pursued by Tina. One evening a drunken and depressed Clint passed out in bed, prompting Tina to seize the moment, by climbing in bed next to him. The next morning, Clint awoke with horror over what looked to have happened between the two of them. Now that his divorce from Viki was final, Tina claimed to be pregnant with his child and threatened to abort the baby if he didn’t marry her. Clint later breathe a sigh of relief when Dorian exposed that Tina was lying about the pregnancy.

After the divorce, Clint moved with Kevin and Joey to Asa’s mansion. He let Niki know that he was aware of the scam and then began romancing her. Niki was both interested and afraid. When Clint kissed her and Viki nearly came to the fore, Niki fled in panic. Clint had one more trick up his sleeve, however. Pretending to take an interest in Tina, her conned her into going with him into the bedroom. Meanwhile, he managed to lure Niki into the room in time to ‘catch’ he and Tina in the act. It worked. The shocking sight was enough to bring Viki back out, this time for good. They celebrated their reunion with an afternoon on the beach and then returned home.

Embittered, Tina decided that she wanted Llanfair for herself; which meant getting rid of Clint and Viki. To launch her plan, Tina told Dr. Polk (Viki’s trusted psychiatrist) that Viki was really Niki and made arrangements to have her re-institutionalized, since she was now the next of kin. Viki and Clint tried to sidestep Tina, but before they could be remarried, Dr. Polk arrived to insist on examining Viki. Although Viki was very nervous, she convinced Dr. Polk that she was again in charge. Clint, Viki, and the boys hopped in the car and headed off for a family vacation. After the Buchanan’s left Dr. Polk’s office, Tracy James came out from her hiding place, killed the good doctor and forged a document making it appear that Viki had not passed the tests, thus suggesting that Clint was the murderer. A pleasant family vacation was brought to an abrupt end when Viki and Clint were hunted as fugitives and returned under guard to Llanview.

While Clint was on trial for Dr. Polk’s murder, Viki was kept at Mountainview where she attempted to learn the truth. When Clint was convicted, Viki was devastated, and Asa was convinced that his daughter-in-law had only been pretending to be someone else. When Tracy was finally unmasked as the killer, Viki was released and she and Clint were finally reunited. Upon returning home, Clint and Viki found themselves at war with Tina over ownership of Llanfair, which ended with the law stepping in and Tina being forcibly removed from the premises.

Clint and Viki remarried in April, with the happy announcement that Viki was now pregnant. After months of Clint and Viki eagerly awaiting the impending birth of their child, Viki gave birth to Jessica Buchanan in September. Their joy, however, was soon turned to panic when the infant was kidnapped from Llanfair. The evil Mitch Laurence, who had previously schemed with Tina, wanted to get even with the Buchanan’s for foiling his plans to get his hands on the Lord fortune. Though he had been murdered months before Jessica’s birth, before his death Mitch programmed Allison Perkins, one of his disciples, to kidnap the Buchanan baby. While Clint was out of town on business, Viki was drugged, and Jessica was taken from her crib by Allison.

The painful situation was made worse when clues had been forged to suggest that Niki Smith was involved in the abduction. Mitch’s plan to frame Niki for Jessica’s kidnapping was unfolding perfectly. Although many were shocked that Clint could even consider such a thing, his dastard experiences with Niki were still fresh enough for him to be unnerved by the possibility. Viki was livid at Clint’s finger pointing, and soon their second marriage was in trouble. While everyone breathed a collective sigh of relief when Allison returned Jessica to Llanfair four weeks later, the rift between Clint and Viki remained.

Clint, meanwhile, had become acquainted with a kind young man by the name of Cord Roberts. After relocating from Texas to Llanview, Cord took a job at The Banner as a photographer and struck up a friendship with Clint—his boss. Asa was not happy with Cord’s presence and tried adamantly to get rid of him. Clint was puzzled by Asa’s reaction to Cord. Asa, though, remained tight-lipped when Clint pressed to know why he was behaving so peculiarly. When Al Roberts [Cord’s father] died, the truth ultimately was revealed…

Some twenty-five years earlier, in Texas, a teenaged Clint had had an affair with Maria Vasquez; the young daughter of the Buchanan’s Mexican cook, Rosa. Asa didn’t approve of their interracial relationship, was upset when he learned that Maria had become pregnant, and sent the family away before Clint himself could know that she was carrying his child. The child was Cord. Maria later married Al Roberts, who allowed Cord to think that he was his father.

A shocked Clint embraced Cord into the family, but was so furious with Asa for the long-running deceit that he threatened to cut him out of his life for good. Maria had meanwhile also arrived in town, still carrying a torch for Clint, and concocted various schemes to drive he and Viki apart.

While Maria cunningly plotting to steal Clint away from Viki, more opposition for the Buchanan marriage came when Viki found herself falling for Tom Dennison, long lost identical twin brother of her late husband Joe Riley. The two separated, while an angry Clint petitioned for custody of their three kids. As their divorce loomed near, Viki collapsed upon witnessing a fight between Clint and Tom. Viki awoke with selective amnesia—having no memory of the past seven years—she believed that she was still married to Joe, and that Tom was he. Viki’s loss of memory prompted the judge to block Clint and Viki’s divorce for six months. In spite of their estrangement, Clint stood by Viki when tests revealed that she suffered from an aneurism which required immediate surgery, and kept vigil at the hospital during the delicate and potentially fatal operation. When Viki awoke with her full memory recovered, Clint was relieved but nervous about where they stood. With a renewed lease on life, Viki alerted Clint that she wanted to keep their marriage in tact, prompting the two to drop their petition for divorce and remain blissfully united. Although Tom backed off, their reunion did not set will with Maria at all. Growing more desperate and unbalanced, Maria plotted to kill Viki, but wound up dead herself when her devious plans went awry.

Viki and Clint flew the family back from Europe when Tina was accused of murdering Maria. Tina had been found guilty and sent to Statesville, when Jamie Sanders used her and Viki as hostages in his escape from the prison. When Clint broke in to rescue his wife and sister-in-law, Jamie shot him in the head. Although Clint’s life was spared, the bullet he took to the head left him blind and hard pressed to know what he should be thankful for. Viki, along with the rest of the family, persuaded Clint to accept help in this new crisis. Sarah Gordon, a kind-hearted, yet firm, physical therapist was brought in to help him maneuver without sight. At first he was sure that the young girl would be unable to cope with him, but she showed her grit and stubbornness and gained his admiration, so much so that he hired her for full time therapy and moved her into Llanfair.

Viki convinced Clint that a move to their ranch in Arizona would be beneficial, and the whole family (Sarah included) moved west. Clint found himself adapting well in the desert and decided that he wanted to ride in an endurance race. Although Viki was very much opposed, Clint began training. One morning he rode out unaware that one of the ranch hands, George Vasquez (Maria’s vengeful brother who blamed him for her death), had doped his horse, Okie, with asthma medication. The drugged animal threw Clint to the grown, hard. When he recovered himself, the horse was gone, but to his great surprise, he could see. Having no choice, he began to wander across the desert looking for safety. When he entered Buchanan City, he thought that he had stumbled into a movie set. In actuality he had stumbled 100 years into the past, back to 1888. Meanwhile, in present day time, the Buchanan’s believed that Clint had died in the desert and mourned his death.

Clint saw many familiar faces in Buchanan City. Buck Buchanan was the spitting image of Asa. Cody Vasquez was Cord’s double. And the biggest surprise of all was a young teacher traveling east to take a position. When Virginia Fletcher walked through the door, Clint was sure that somehow Viki had found a way to him. Having seemingly torn the fabric of time, Clint set out to repair it. It was with comparative ease that he convinced the rancher Buck of the necessity of coexistence with the farmers. Blaize was able to convince Buck that marriage was also a good idea. With tensions between ranchers and farmers eased, Cody was free to marry his beloved, May McGillis.

Miss Fletcher was somewhat harder to get on the right track. She had given up on the idea of love and marriage, and was preparing to devote her life to teaching. Unfortunately she misunderstood Clint’s attentions and was thoroughly shocked to learn that he was married. Gradually he managed to make her understand that his wife was “lost” and he was constantly hoping to find a way back. In the meantime, several things happened which began to convince Clint that he would never be able to return home. Virginia told Clint that she was unable to have children, which surely would make it impossible for her to be Viki’s ancestor. After one more attempt to find his way home, Clint asked her to marry him. As Clint and Virginia (“Ginny” as she was called) made plans for their wedding…back in 1988, Viki received a visit from a stranger with a very odd story. Blaize had also managed to cross the time barrier and alerted Clint’s modern-day family know that he was well, but living in the past. Although Viki thought that Blaize was guilty of some cruel joke, young Kevin believed the woman.

Viki wanted to believe and finally gathered the courage to drive out into the desert. She found the crossing and arrived in Buchanan City just as Clint and Ginny were about to exchange marriage vows. Although thoroughly shocked by what she saw, Viki heard Clint’s story and began to believe the unbelievable. She realized that she and Clint had to get Ginny (whom was mistaken in her belief that she was infertile) married to Randolph Lord, else Viki wouldn’t ever be born. Once that was accomplished, Clint and Viki were finally allowed to return to their own time. Together at last, they went back to Clear Eye’s cave, and they were miraculously transported back to present day 1988.

Viki and Clint’s unconscious bodies were found in the desert and they were rushed to a nearby hospital, where they had a glorious reunion in a hospital corridor. Clint, meanwhile, had regained and retained his full vision. Together, he and Viki recounted their conjoined old west experience—writing it off as a fabulous dream. With that miraculous experience behind them, they packed up the kids returned Llanview. Clint, meanwhile, was delighted to learn that Cord and Tina had had a baby boy, and that they had named his grandson CJ (Clinton James) after him. As the year closed, he was happy to stand by Cord when he and Tina were married in a double ceremony with Asa and Renee Divine.

As the new year began, another familial crisis took place when Viki, Cord, Tina, and a host of others were trapped in the underground city of Eterna—which proved to be unsteady and destined to implode. On the outside, Clint supervised as a construction crew worked day and night to free the group. In a nick of time, an opening was created to allow the group to exit. Moments later, the city exploded in flames. In the aftermath of Eterna, Clint stood by Viki as she learned that twenty-five year old Megan Gordon, Sarah’s spoiled actress sister, was her long lost daughter whom she had given birth to as a teenager. Things, though, became strained when Roger Gordon—Megan’s father—displayed an active interest in Viki and sought to rekindle his and Viki’s old flame.

More drama lay ahead when Austin Buchanan, Clint’s malevolent cousin, arrived in Llanview and began wreaking havoc on the lives of several people in town and the family. As time went on, Austin grew more psychotic; later taking Viki and Megan hostage on top of the roof of The Palace Hotel. Just before he was about to kill Viki, Clint burst onto the scene and shot Austin. Impelled by Clint’s fire, Austin plunged out a high-rise window to his death, but not before shooting Viki—who required emergency surgery to remove the bullet. The traumatic shooting so shocked Megan’s psyche that it caused her personality to suddenly split. Clint chased behind Megan, who ran off to Atlantic City, and coaxed her into coming back to Llanview.

Roger had a stunning revelation: he and Viki got married when they were teenagers. At Clint’s insistence, Viki quickly annulled their apparently still-valid marriage, but Roger’s blatant pursuit of Viki continued to infuriate Clint. Julia Medina, meanwhile, took an active interest in Clint—encouraging him to follow his dream of constructing an Old West theme park in Arizona. When Viki rejected Clint’s orders that they move back to Arizona, he left with Julia. There, Julia repeatedly tried to seduce Clint. Annoyed by the situation, Viki flew to Arizona and informed Clint that if he didn’t return home immediately, their marriage was over.

Clint, initially, was not pleased when Viki decided to run for mayor of Llanview (especially since Roger would be her campaign manager) but was in her corner when she won the election. Viki’s term in office proved that politics can be a dangerous business, and Clint was horrified when she fell victim to an assassination attempt by underworld kingpin Carlo Hesser and his son Johnny. Although she survived the bullet, Viki suffered a stroke, which rendered her paralyzed and unable to speak.

When Viki was finally able to return home, the family rallied around to assist in her recovery. During her convalescence, a mute wheelchair-bound Viki briefly morphed into Niki Smith (who had full use of her vitals and appendages) in time to shoot Johnny dead, when he attempted to abduct Tina. After the ordeal, however, Viki largely reverted back to her crippled state, and was unable to recall what had happened. Months later, however, Clint was thrilled when Viki made her first tentative steps when he held her to dance.

With Viki on the mend, the year began with Clint welcoming another grandchild when Cord and Tina became the parents of a baby girl, Sarah Victoria Roberts. Happy times, though, were hampered when he was informed that the bullet fragments, which had been responsible his blindness three years earlier, had shifted in his brain—and that, with little time left, he was dying. When he was seen meeting with a beautiful young woman, Viki feared that Clint was having an affair. When the truth was revealed, the family persuaded him to undergo a risky operation which might claim his life. After the operation proved successful, Clint was able to join Viki and the family at Megan’s wedding to Jake Harrison. In the meantime, Clint and Viki became furious when a now teenaged Kevin began dating Stephanie Hobert (niece of Carlo Hesser) and ordered him to not see her. That fall, Kevin embarked on another relationship—this time with the seductive LeAnn Demerest. Again to the families chagrin. At years end, Clint was disheartened to be informed that Cord had been killed in Jaba City, during a mission of mercy.

In February, with Cord’s death still fresh, Clint stood by Viki and shared her pain as Megan died of Lupus. To add to the already stressful period, Kevin eloped with Leann, after discovering that she was carrying his child. The back-to-back losses of Cord and Megan, plus Kevin now being a teenaged husband/father, rocked Clint and Viki so much that inevitable strains were put on their marriage.

That summer, Clint became concerned about the rest of his family. With no luck, he tried his best to talk Asa into not marrying the gold digging Blair Daimler and he encouraged Kevin (whose marriage to Leann was ending) to sue for custody of their infant son, Duke. Clint, in the meantime, objected to the friendship that 16-year-old Joey had formed with Billy Douglas (a gay teenager who was at the center of a magnified controversy, with rumors that he had been molested by Reverend Andrew Carpenter) and forbade him from continuing to him. Viki completely disagreed with Clint’s stance on the issue and supported Joey’s friendship with Billy, which created another rift in their marriage. Meanwhile, things went from bad to worse when Viki began having feelings for Andrew’s father, General Sloan Carpenter, who for months had been pursuing her. Clint’s increasingly cantankerous behavior wound up pushing Viki further in Sloan’s arms. A separation soon followed, as Clint moved out of Llanfair.

Clint was overjoyed when a very much alive Cord returned to Llanview in January 1993. Good times, however, were still marred by devastation when Clint later discovered (thanks to Dorian’s vindictive meddling) that Viki had embarked on an affair with Sloan. Although the two were separated and Viki had claimed that she wanted to save her marriage, she could not shake her feelings for Sloan. When Clint was involved in a small plane crash, Viki continued the relationship and became engaged to Sloan while Clint was hospitalized with severe injuries. It was inevitable, their marriage had finally reached its breaking point. Clint and Viki’s divorce was finalized in February 1994. Later that year, Clint was saddened to look on as Viki married Sloan.

Clint remained devoted to his and Viki’s children, as well as his position at The Banner. Taking Kevin under his wing, father and son continued to run the newspaper, despite growing competition from The Sun—the competing operation being run by Todd Manning, who was sneakily stealing stories from The Banner, as well as its top journalist talent. In the meantime, despite their messy divorce, Clint ardently supported Viki in the aftermath of Sloan succumbing to Hodgkin’s Disease, and her falling into yet another bout with Dissociative Identity Disorder. In amongst this, Clint also fumed with the rest of the family when 18-year-old Joey fell for the seductive manipulations of Dorian, whom he later fell into a relationship with. At the same time, Clint became nervous when a now teenaged daughter Jessica met and bonded with Cristian Vega, a Hispanic boy from Llanview’s grittier side, Angel Square. Concerned that they were moving too fast, Clint forbade Jessica from seeing Cristian, causing the two teens to meet in secrecy. Later, Clint ventured back into the dating world with Cristian’s mother, Carlotta. Their relationship though cooled when Carlotta decided that she wasn’t ready for it to progress any further than it had thus far gone.

Long after losing Sloan to cancer, Viki thought she was finally ready to try again with Clint. They had become closer in recent months, and Clint again proposed. While Viki slowly contemplated her answer, Clint was in Las Vegas with his friend Lindsay Rappaport, helping her search for her wayward teenaged son Will. Viki decided to accept Clint’s proposal, but her decision came to a screeching halt when he returned to Llanview with Lindsay, and announced that the two had eloped. Later in the year, Clint was livid when 17-year-old Jessica announced that she was now pregnant, after having had a drunken one night stand with her new stepbrother, Will.

Clint and Lindsay’s short-lived marriage was ruined when Lindsay gave Jessica and Cristian money to elope, in a bid to keep them away from Will. Angered, Clint immediately petitioned for a divorce. In the aftermath of his marriage to Lindsay ending, Clint moved to London to run the UK branch of Buchanan Enterprises with Cord.

Clint briefly returned to Llanview in 1999 when a very pregnant Jessica was the victim of a hit-and-run accident, with Dorian at the other end. Clint, with Viki and the rest of the family, stood as Jessica lay comatose, as a result of the accident, which also resulted in her baby being stillborn. When Jessica later emerged from her coma, and went on the mend, Clint returned to London, and embarked in a relationship with a woman named Dallas Jones.

In 2001, Clint was informed by phone (off screen) that Jessica was actually not his and Viki’s biological daughter, and that newcomer Natalie Balsom was. As it turned out, Jessica and Natalie had been switched during Jessica’s kidnapping all those years earlier, and the baby girl that had been returned and whom they’d raised as was not the child Viki had given birth to. Undeterred, their love and devotion to Jessica continued, and soon after Clint and Viki adopted Jessica, formally.

The following year, Viki discovered that she had actually given birth to both Natalie and Jessica. However, in spite of them being “fraternal twins,” only Natalie was Clint’s biological daughter. Jessica, as it turned out was the product of Viki’s being drugged, raped, and impregnated by Mitch Laurence during that same window of time that Natalie had been conceived. Viki had blocked out the rape, and unknowing carried the two babies to term. In the aftermath of Viki giving birth to the first child (Natalie), while Clint was in the lobby alerting the family of the arrival, Viki quickly gave birth to the second (Jessica), as Mitch reappeared in the delivery room. Still believing that there had only been one child, Clint and Viki took home Natalie (whom they called Jessica)…while Mitch took the real Jessica. The infant Allison kidnapped from Llanfair had been Natalie. The baby later returned was Jessica, per Mitch’s orders. His reason being: he wanted his daughter to grow up in the lap of luxury, while Clint’s daughter would be saddled with the low class and negligent Balsom’s.

Clint made a couple of trips back to Llanview in 2003: first to finally meet Natalie, then later to attend her wedding to Cristian Vega that summer. The following year, Clint returned again when Viki fell ill with a serious heart condition that left her hanging in the balance between life and death. As Viki slowly recovered from the operation, Clint returned to London once more.

In October, Clint—{now played by Jerry ver Dorn}—returned to Llanview for what was intended to be brief stay to look into why business Buchanan Enterprises was crumbling. Upon his arrival, he quickly discovered that Jessica’s personal life was also in a state of savage disarray. Like Viki, she too was suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder. In this time of family crisis, he decided to extend his stay indefinitely. Clint’s absence from London created strains for his relationship with Dallas, and caused the two to break up. When Jessica’s alter-ego, Tess, revealed she would only talk to Niki Smith about the incident that provoked the DID, Viki (against Clint’s wishes) compromised her own sanity and brought Niki out again.

Clint found himself being driven up a wall trying to simultaneously temper both his daughters and ex-wife’s alters running amuck at the same time. Viki eventually reemerged. Tess, however, wasn’t so easy to get rid of. Later, it was revealed that that the root of Jessica’s Dissociative Identity Disorder was her having been molested at the age of five—a fact which devastated both Clint and Viki, who had the gruesome opportunity to view a video tape of the ordeal. Clint supported his daughter down the long road to integration.

Familial trouble continued that spring when Clint’s grandson, Duke Buchanan, died as a result of injuries sustained during a violent tornado—leaving he and Viki trying to console a grieving Kevin. A bright spot in Clint’s life during these trying times came from an unlikely friendship with Dorian, which soon turned to romance. Viki kept quiet despite her displeasure over the pairing. However, as had been the case when the two dated all those years before, Clint eventually became distressed by Dorian’s penchant for schemes and self-serving manipulations—which ultimately put a strain on their relationship.

The murder of the nefarious Dr. Spencer Truman, who had been making trouble for the Buchanan’s for the past several years, relieved everyone. Clint and Viki once again found themselves panicked over Jessica, when it was revealed that she had contracted Hepatitis-C from her days as Tess. As Jessica quickly became very ill, doctors determined that she would need a liver transplant to survive. Time was running out, as the Buchanan’s were frantic to find a donor. It was soon determined that con man David Vickers was a match. He, however, refused to donate unless Clint paid him a hefty sum. Clint angrily conceded to David’s extortion. Jessica survived.

Though Asa’s health was now failing, Clint and Bo were unnerved to learn that Asa had sent a hit man after Truman. Being the commissioner of police, Bo felt the conflict of interest, and pondered having Asa arrested. Clint, however, persuaded him to let the issue drop…as their father was now a very sick man. That August, Clint mourned the sudden lost of Asa, who died in his sleep in August.

To Dorian’s chagrin, Clint began bonding with Nora. While in Texas for the reading of Asa’s will, Dorian falsely believed that Clint was having an affair with Nora. To settle the score, she slept with David…arranging for Clint to walk in on the two of them in bed together. When Clint saw the offensive sight, he ended their relationship for good. Soon thereafter, Clint and Nora actually began dating—while Dorian seethed in the background. Bo too was annoyed by his brother dating his ex-wife, but kept his displeasure to himself.

In the wake of Asa’s death, Clint took over as CEO of Buchanan Enterprises, ruthlessly doing everything he could to ensure the corporate standing of the company. What Clint didn’t know was that a jilted Dorian was secretly orchestrating a hostile takeover, clandestinely buying out its shareholders. In the meantime, in Asa’s video will, he announced that he had sired a son who was unknown to the family. As everyone scratched their heads to figure out who the secret Buchanan heir was, newcomer Jared Banks revealed himself to be him.

In actuality, Jared was a fraud, but was able to snag hair samples from the real heir to outfox the DNA test. Due to a stipulation in Asa’s will that allowed all Buchanan family members a seat on the board, Jared went to work at B.E. That spring, Dorian announced her takeover at a BE shareholders meeting, while at the same time revealing to everyone that Jared was an imposter, who was secretly dating Natalie, who had recently discovered the truth, but momentarily withheld it from everyone else. With tempers running high, and as Dorian callously laughed in his face over what she’d done, Clint nearly strangled her to death. Clint has Jared arrested for fraud, and was infuriated at Natalie for her role in his duplicity. Natalie, however, blackmailed Clint to not press charges.

Clint he hatched a plan to acquire BE back by threatening to take away Dorian’s ward, Langston Wilde. Clint paid off Columbian officials to release Langston’s uncle, Ray Montez, from a prison where he was serving time for murder. Clint’s hardnosed actions infuriated Nora, causing a riff between them. Clint tried to call off the deal at the last minute, but Ray ended up getting shot by his estranged wife Vanessa before he could get on the airplane with Langston. Nora convinced Dorian to give up controlling interest in BE by threatening to press charges against her for having hired a hit man to attempt to kill Ray. Clint was ecstatic, and he and Nora tried to mend fences.

Clint and Viki became frantic when Natalie went missing. Later it was discovered that she and Jared were being held beneath Llanfair by Jessica’s alter Tess, who seeking to make them pay for their roles in the death of Jessica’s husband Nash. Soon after, Clint and Viki tracked Jessica down at the cottage she shared with Nash and were overjoyed to discover that Jessica had given birth to a healthy baby girl—unaware that Jessica’s baby had actually died and been switched with Starr’s baby by Bess, another of Jessica’s alters. Clint broke the news to Jessica about what Tess had done to Natalie and Jared, and Jessica committed herself to St. Ann’s for psychiatric help. Clint and Natalie, in the meantime, mended fences, and gave she and Jared his blessing on their engagement.