Maria Roberts
First / Last appearance:
1986 / 1987
Assault. Attempted murder. Blackmail. Conspiracy. Fraud. Intimidation.
The first love of Clint Buchanan, and mother of his son Cord Roberts, Maria Vasquez Roberts was an incessantly conniving bitch, who could banter and throw insults with the best of ‘em! While she could splendidly feign modest innocence in the face of one of her many devious plans, everyone knew she was up to no good…everyone, that is, except for Cord—who could never see the depth of his overbearing mothers duplicity and often turned a naïve eye to her nefarious deeds. After becoming obsessed with the idea of snagging Clint back from Viki, his wife, Maria grew increasingly zealous in her pursuits to make it happen. Finally, Maria got her hands on a liquid poison designed to kill on contact that she intended to give to her rival. During a confrontation with her daughter-in-law Tina Lord, however, the poison inadvertently wound up fatally splashing her instead.
I really want to say yes. Despite how despicably overstated her actions became, and how off the deep end the character was pushed in her final months, her genuine love for Cord and wanting the best for him added thin veneers of sympathy that—perhaps—could have fleshed out the character enough to keep her around for a bit longer. Imagine a Hispanic Dorian Lord, Maria was a glamorously malevolent character, who was never without a duplicitous scheme, and was very much a product of the glitzy Dynasty-inspired 1980s television landscape.